Finnish musician Anssi from Central Finland created his own new music project AnsDea in 2010 after he ended The Raparperi. Anssi a.k.a AnsDea was tired to spent time with busy band projects so the deal happened. He started to making own songs immediately and the first self-publish album "Hey, tell me the way!" was done in that year. It was like "drop the stone to the pond" situation and the song were recorded by badly quality. "Hey, tell me the way!" is actyally perception about the guitar riffs and drum beats.

In next year 2011 was recorded and released album "I have reached the Goal". It was clearer than previous album but AnsDea was too busy to add bass guitar into the album. AnsDea didn't official gigs yet but there was few in 2011. He played Train in few shows with session band in musical Hevisuhe. In these shows he was a drummer and singer. In Silja Line Cruise 11.6.2011 he was visiting artist and played acoustic version of Train with guitar.

In Saarijärvi 27.4.2012 AnsDea played first official gig. AnsDea played guitar and he had a drummer Petro. Setlist was:
1. Ready, Steady, Go!
2. Stone
3. Keutari
4. Smoke on the Water

Third album Marshall were recorded and released 2013. It was the best quality about all his previous albums. Later 2013 AnsDea re-recorded the first album "Hey, tell me the way!" songs and remake album "2010 in 2013" was released. The album includes all five songs from first album. Every songs except "Train" are recorded in 2013. In September AnsDea did instrumental heavy song "Hacker" with music video.

Next official gigs was in 2014. He played songs from all three albums.

5.2.2015 AnsDea started to record songs for new album "The Intellect". Original release date was 6.2.2015 but it was moved to 7.2.2015. Anyway, decisive release date was 8.2.2015. The Intellect - tour started 13.3.2015 at Saarijärvi and ended on December 16th 2016. First collection album "Suitcase" was released 7.11.2015.

New album " Great Run " is in progress and will be released soon...